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Contacts and information

Join the Vale of Belvoir Ramblers for friendship and fresh air, to get out more and enjoy your local area.  New  walkers are always welcome to come on two or three walks to give us a try before joining.  Call 01949 836042 for a free VBR Programme or see the Ramblers on-line Walks Finder here to find a local walk or indeed a walk anywhere in Great Britain.

More information on the group and its programme of walks can be found on this website or on the Ramblers website here. Alternatively, contact the VBR Publicity Officer by phone on 01949 836042 or by email at vbramblers@gmail.com.

You can also check out Notts Guided Walks here.  Notts Guided Walks is a compilation of guided walks for those who want to improve their fitness, enjoy our countryside and wild-life, and make new friends.

Information on Ramblers activities at national and county level and local government walking and footpath resources can be found on the following websites.


  Ramblers Association (national site)

County and Metropolitan sites

  Nottinghamshire Area  Nottinghamshire CC
  Derbyshire Area  Derbyshire CC
  Lincolnshire Area
  Lincolnshire CC
  Leicestershire Area
  Leicester CC
  Staffordshire Area  Staffordshire CC
  Yorkshire Area  South Yorkshire (Sheffield)